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Book before meals reduce waste

Before meals, employees make reservations in advance through WeChat, APP, ordering machine, web page and other methods. The cafeteria administrator can accurately count the number of orders and a la carte orders to accurately prepare and purchase meals, effectively avoiding insufficient preparation or excessive waste This phenomenon has saved the operating costs of the canteen, enhanced the dining experience, and created an intelligent and modern intelligent canteen restaurant.

  • Meal report
  • Ordering effect chart
  • Ordering effect chart

Ordering app

Ordering app

Dining with multiple devices

Support single-screen dual-screen all-in-one machine, two-dimensional code consumer machine, tablet computer, handheld consumer machine and other devices for meals and meals, support for swiping the original unit ID \ IC card, fingerprint, two-dimensional code, face recognition and other verification methods .

触摸一体机 1 touch all-in-one

Can use the original unit IC card, ID card can be connected to a QR code scanner, fingerprint reader can be connected to a face recognition camera, to achieve face-to-face dining, support offline card swiping, online automatic upload and integrated wireless WIFI function, no wiring is required to order meals, voice prompts and Text prompt

Touch dining all-in-one machine

网络消费机 2 network consumer machine

The ordinary consumer network machine supports the IC \ ID card of the original unit, without the need to change the card. The two-dimensional code does not need to be replaced. The consumer machine supports the IC \ ID card, and the mobile phone two-dimensional code supports the direct cloud service. It does not need a local transfer to support the offline consumption function. It is automatically uploaded after going online. Voice broadcast, offline record 50,000 records can be put into the gate, after ordering meals, you can use the gate gate ordering machine to support card ordering without ordering.

Two-dimensional code cloud consumer machine

Topology of Xinbao ordering system

Youxinbao meal ordering system is a comprehensive cafeteria that integrates staff mobile phone ordering, self-service recharge, restaurant ordering, product ordering, overtime registration, reception registration, canteen inventory management, automatic message push, ordering summary query, and intelligent restaurant fetching. Consumption management system.


因需制宜,灵活选择 ● According to demand, flexible choice


U-shaped meal taking machine real photo

Scene of dual screen meal taking machine

Barrier credit card receipt, unordered meals cannot pass

Swipe to order online ordering machine

Face recognition meal taking scene

Desktop touch all-in-one