An applet is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. It realizes the dream of an application "at your fingertips". Users can open the application by scanning or searching. It also embodies the concept of "use when you run out", and users do not need to worry about whether to install too many applications. Apps will be ubiquitous and ready to use, without the need to install and uninstall. Mini Program is the largest mobile Internet business opportunity in 4 years. It is the first to launch Mini Program to seize the traffic bonus and achieve a surge in revenue!


Scan and use

No download required, scan on WeChat to enter the mall


Easy promotion

There are many entrances for public numbers, nearby mini-program sharing, and code scanning.


Ultimate experience

Users do not need to download and install, and exit immediately after use, convenient and fast!



Rich applet functions support mall, social, entertainment, services


Lower the threshold

Facing small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the online sales dilemma greatly reduces the threshold for e-commerce entrepreneurship


safe and stable

The Mini Program Store relies on the WeChat platform to ensure the security of capital flow and a more stable interface.

Why do WeChat Mini Programs?

WeChat Mini Program is a strategic enterprise ecological underlying framework launched by Tencent. Each time a new type of corporate ecological underlying framework is launched, it will cause changes in user usage scenarios. Changes in user scenarios will definitely cause the Internet industry to reshuffle. Make full use of WeChat's more than 9 billion user groups to bring new marketing methods and huge traffic dividends to enterprises.


889 million monthly active users

Large traffic entrance, with a small program, there will always be users to find you!


10 million public numbers

Every business or business with a public number has a need for a small program.


400 million WeChat payment users

Each WeChat payment user can complete the purchase and payment process directly through a small program.

Why choose a degree network?

Complete and powerful e-commerce solutions, mall, payment, membership, order and other functions, applets are stores!
Our pre-sales staff will believe in communicating with you the needs and functions you need, and have a comprehensive understanding and grasp of your needs.

Finding projects faces four major challenges

Customer acceptance is not high, customer development is slow, and the market is difficult to open.
There are many same products, competitors are everywhere, and product homogeneity is serious.
With money and resources, the project does not make money, and there are few ways to make money.
For non-venture industries, the overall market is not growing.

The meaning of applets

Arrivals & Mini Programs = endless orders

Nearby applets

900 million daily active super traffic bonus

No download required

No need to download and install, WeChat portal, low customer acquisition cost

Good user experience, comparable to APP

Page switching without delay, beautiful style, good compatibility

Public number and applet data exchange

Jump to and from the public account, seamless connection

Applet usage scenarios

  • 生活服务类

    Life Services

  • 拖拽制作

    Drag and drop production

  • 社交类

    Social class

  • 工具类


  • 教育类


  • 电商类


  • o2o行业

    o2o industry

  • 医疗健康

    medical health

Six guarantees, let you get started easily, no worries!

Training guarantee

Product training, operations training, sales training

Operational guarantee

Operational guidance, case sharing, industry solution provision

Product guarantee

Keeping pace with Tencent, products are regularly updated and new products are released from time to time

Marketing guarantee

Website source code, marketing materials, promotion plan

Regional guarantee

Customer protection, area protection, and effective protection of the interests of agents

Service guarantee

After-sales training, implementation training, use training, technical guidance