More than 9,500 customers
Marketing services provided by the company
Over 73% advertising share
They all chose to join Sogou promotion
500 million mobile phones default Sogou every day
Mass customer case display
Sogou bidding allows customers to come to you. Sogou promotion phone: 18032008207
Covering over 95% of Chinese Internet users
Enterprises use Sogou search , Sogou input method, Sogou browser,
Various channels such as and Tencent Navigation attract more potential customers .
Target customers precisely
According to their own characteristics, companies choose to place their ads in different time periods and regions , effectively improving the promotion effect.
Free click billing
It's free for companies to show, users don't click and don't charge,
Businesses pay only for valid clicks from potential users.
Intelligent management platform
Account analysis, Sogou promotion butler, first class, material recommendation and other tools, intelligent management account, easily seize business opportunities .

Sogou doubled my website traffic

Small stores' sales have increased by another 10% this year. You can't go wrong using Sogou on the Internet.

Leverage Sogou to effectively increase company visibility

The Internet is a magical power. For manufacturers, Sogou search engine is a new tool that can not be overlooked to bring customers.

Sogou helped us extend our brand and expand our advertisers

We fancy Sogou's international vision and resources, which fits well with the positioning of our website.

Sogou's promotion service doubles our order

In just a few months, Sogou let our customers find the door, and our sales increased year-on-year.
30%, the amount of network feedback has nearly doubled.

What is Sogou bidding service?

Sogou bidding promotion is an online promotion method that pays for results, including search promotion and graphic promotion. The promotion information is displayed free of charge on Sogou, Sohu Matrix and many cooperative media. Enterprises only need to pay for effective clicks of users. Low investment and high return, effectively improve sales performance and brand awareness.

Your promotional information will appear on: Sogou Search, Sohu Search, Sohu Channel Pages, Sohu, Sogou Email, and Sogou Cooperative Media. One input, multi-platform display, and more potential customers.

Sogou promotion phone: 18032008207
FAQ Sogou Promotion Phone: 18032008207

Q: What is the price for opening an account?

A: Different industries have different discounts! Consult our customer service for specific policies! The price is absolutely super high! The service is absolutely first class!

Q: How do I renew my bill?

A: We are a Sogou official service provider , paying in cash, bank transfer, Alipay, WeChat.

Q: How can I open an account with you?

A: Contact QQ customer service or call to provide website and account opening information, we will submit an account for you.

Q: How long does it take to open an account?

Answer: The time is not fixed, the business is slow, and the individual is fast. The fastest time is 10 minutes. (Be assured to open an account, if you ca n’t open, you will be refunded the full amount as soon as possible!)

Q: We wo n’t care if we open an account?

A: No, after opening the account, you will be equipped with a dedicated personal consultant to track and maintain the entire process. If you find me, you're not looking for something.

Q: Can I maintain the background myself?

Answer: Absolutely. If there is a problem with your own maintenance, please contact our customer service to solve it for you!

Q: I don't want to stare at the back office, can I leave it to you?

Answer: OK! No problem, say your request, we help you maintain it throughout the day.