用户的明智之选 Smart choice for 10,000,000 users

Making your corporate information communication more efficient and smooth is our goal

  • Efficiently convert sales leads

    • ● Centralized management of customers to realize customer enterprise
    • ● Automatically distribute sales leads and respond quickly to customers
    • ● Real-time grasp of sales follow-up status to avoid order delay

    Unblocked sending and receiving at home and abroad

    • ● Global cloud computer room, multi-point deployment overseas, global smooth mail
    • ● Send and receive nodes are deployed in 28 regions in China, with comprehensive coverage
    • ● Whitelist member of the Internet Society, direct mail, no blocking

    Foreign trade professional design

    • ● Support real-time online translation
    • ● Overseas time zone display, send emails based on foreign merchant time
    • ● E-mail review to help new salespersons grasp customers

    Global Post Foreign Trade Edition

    GB/用户 365 GB / user

    Large capacity

    GB/用户 2 GB / user

    Oversized accessories

    GB 10 GB

    Enterprise Network Disk

    元/用户/年 Preferential price: 149 yuan / user / year
Mailbox function
User functions Administrator functions More value-added services
Multilingual (Simplified, Traditional, English) Decentralized management Intelligent mail distribution (foreign trade version)
Mail client sending and receiving (SMTP / POP3 / IMAP) Mail move Support WeChat sending and receiving emails, new email reminders
2G oversized accessories (transit station) Custom account login send and receive permissions Webmail for mobile
Message tracking Restrict account login by specified IP 34 overseas forwarding points worldwide
Mail recall Account alias management Mail review (foreign trade version)
Folder encryption (foreign trade version) Enterprise organization Professional Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus
Landing reminder External contacts CC instant messaging (PC / android)
Business Directory Corporate Address Book Visibility Settings Overseas time zone display (foreign trade version)
Personal address book Mailing Lists Enterprise Independent Domain Name
Signature Mail archive Carrier-grade computer room
Mail filtering Mail monitoring Support for telecommunication networks
Enterprise Network Disk (Free 10G) Corporate announcement / bulk letter Support Unicom network
Personal network disk Enterprise cloud disk sharing Support for mobile networks
Black and white list Custom corporate logo Only provide SLA service quality assurance
online translation Custom browser title Free product use training
web login log query Domain black / white list 7 * 24 * 365 service guarantee
Log off-site query Account login log query Comprehensive localization services
Service guarantee

SLA Quality Assurance

● The average mail sending and receiving delay is <60 seconds ● The mail virus killing rate is> 99.5%
● Overseas mail sending success rate> 98%
● Spam filtering rate> 99.9%
● Enterprise mailbox backup data is retained for 14 days

7 × 24 hours, 365 days full service

25 branches, localized services

Free corporate email system upgrade

Free corporate email product training