Internet based services

We provide you with multiple types of domain name registration services, stable servers and cloud hosting, 400 telephone services, SMS verification and other services, and solve all-round one-stop marketing problems.

  • 注册 Domain registration

    domain name registration


    Domain name query, domain name registration, brand domain name protection, domain name transfer, each domain name is unique, and building a website starts with registering a good domain name

    domain registration
  • 主机 Space host

    Network Server


    Provide domestic and overseas space or exclusive hosting, large capacity, high speed and stability. Speed hosting makes your website fly and makes your website easier to build

    Space host
  • 电话 400 phone

    400 the phone


    Official certification, nationwide 400 telephone online business hall, 400 telephone handling package types, more than the number, than the price, than the function. 10 years 200,000 users witness.

    400 Phone
  • 邮箱 Business email

    enterprise mailbox


    Provide professional and stable corporate email, overseas sending and receiving, unblocked, super spam filtering, binding website background information reception, and timely notification of message orders.

    Business email
  • 公众号 WeChat public account

    Enterprise public number


    WeChat public platform is a new service platform that provides individuals, enterprises and organizations with business services and user management capabilities. Help companies quickly implement new public account services.

    WeChat public account
  • server

    The server


    A device that provides computing services. Because the server needs to respond to service requests and process them, in general, the server should have the ability to undertake services and guarantee services.


Supporting services

Internet based services
Youdu Networks has strategic partnerships with more than a dozen Internet infrastructure providers such as China's well-known Wanwang, Xinwang, China Channel, Business China, Suzhou Telecom, Xiyang, Lanmang, and 263 Communications, providing you with fast Domain name registration service, stable and efficient web hosting service, high-performance and high-quality enterprise email service.

Corporate Photography Services
Youdu Network will determine the way we shoot according to the customer's budget and actual picture needs. Of course, the pictures we take can be used not only on the website, but also in your brochures, multimedia displays, exhibitions and other places in the future. It can be collected once and used multiple times.

Customer training services
The completion of the website is just the beginning of the work. It is more important for customers to master the methods and ideas of using the website. So we will train customers how to arrange the content of the articles to make the webpage look more neat, how to handle the pictures will make the colors more appropriate, the file size will be more appropriate, and it will be more conducive to user messages.

Document Translation Services
The accuracy of the translation of the materials in the foreign language version of the website is very important. It is related to the external image of the company. In principle, there are degrees on the Internet that require customers to provide translations of the foreign language versions of the materials. Youdu Network has cooperated with more powerful professional translation companies in the market, and the quality and time are more guaranteed.

Service area

  • Website planning

    Analysis of positioning suggestions, website column architecture design, website planning layout structure, and complete solutions

  • Web Design

    Art creative design, professional image interface design, CSS + DIV front desk structure layout design, SEO optimization

  • Domain name and mailbox planning and configuration

  • Company group internal publication electronic magazine system

  • Website system function development

    Systematic architecture strategy, program module function analysis and design, security strategy

  • Website operation and maintenance plan

    According to the brand promotion website management model, it is recommended to provide a set of operation plans for daily information provision, review and release on the website, website training and knowledge transfer plan, etc.

  • Extensibility analysis, scalability considerations, and system stability analysis reports

  • IDC data center planning and construction plan for brand promotion website

  • Website marketing promotion plan

    Website operation and maintenance strategy, website value analysis, profit analysis, etc.