High-end Website Construction

Youdu Network adopts a new generation of website production standards and is based on a multi-layer structure system design to create corporate marketing and e-commerce websites for you. Youdu Network never obtains customers by sacrificing quality and reducing prices. We use the industry-leading new technologies and new concepts to create a truly profitable website for you. Guided by the results of online marketing, new ideas and technologies are fully applied to each enterprise, which truly helps customers use the Internet to create value. Poor website design and template programs are cheap, but they do not produce benefits, and they are a huge waste or even a negative effect for you! No matter it is website planning, design, development, promotion or after-sale, what you get is more professional and better service, even if it is SEO optimization details, we also strive to do better!


  • Free website maintenance throughout the year

  • Free icp filing

  • Comprehensive visitor analysis system

  • Free online customer service plugin

  • Free data backup

  • Full station acceleration

  • Website firewall

  • CC protection

  • DDOS protection

  • High DNS

  • art design

    Design exquisite effects according to enterprise category and product characteristics

  • Front-end production

    Use HTML5 to make the effect map into a static page

  • Background development

    Use Jijin System3.0 to embed static pages in the program

  • Compatible standards

    Zero pixel differences achieved by different operating systems, different browsers, and different browsing terminals

  • Website domain name

    International top-level or national top-level domain names, global barrier-free connectivity

  • Web host

    Provide Alibaba Cloud BGP multi-line cloud host and configure independent IP address

  • Adopting technology

    PHP + MySQL + Html5 + CSS + JavaScript

  • Security

    Intelligent real-time protection against DDOS, CC, DNS and other attacks

  • development tools

    Photoshop + Illustrator + Dreamweave

  • search engine

    Submit your website to Baidu, 360, Sohu search engines

Brand creative website construction solution

Brand promotion websites require unique personality characteristics and expressions, and their visual positioning needs to serve the brand and meet the brand's cultural characteristics. Nowadays, the website's visual technology has been changed from 2D, 3D to simulation, but it is more combined with FLASH application design. The purpose of website construction is to realize business benefits, so it is also important to establish a good interactive experience with consumers. Regular online activities will help to narrow the distance between consumers, especially loyal users and brands, and feel the affinity and care from the brand.

Case Study of Brand Creative Website Construction

Service area

  • Website planning

    Analysis of positioning suggestions, website column architecture design, website planning layout structure, and complete solutions

  • Web Design

    Art creative design, professional image interface design, CSS + DIV front desk structure layout design, SEO optimization

  • Domain name and mailbox planning and configuration

  • Company group internal publication electronic magazine system

  • Website system function development

    Systematic architecture strategy, program module function analysis and design, security strategy

  • Website operation and maintenance plan

    According to the brand promotion website management model, it is recommended to provide a set of operation plans for daily information provision, review and release on the website, website training and knowledge transfer plan, etc.

  • Extensibility analysis, scalability considerations, and system stability analysis reports

  • IDC data center planning and construction plan for brand promotion website

  • Website marketing promotion plan

    Website operation and maintenance strategy, website value analysis, profit analysis, etc.