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Want to do a good job in rural e-commerce

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In recent years, China's county e-commerce has developed rapidly. According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, in the first half of this year, the rural online wholesale volume exceeded 310 billion yuan, of which the physical online wholesale volume exceeded 200 billion yuan, and the service-type online service wholesale volume exceeded 110 billion yuan. In the first half of the year, the online wholesale volume of agricultural products across the country reached more than 56 billion yuan.
The amount of online wholesale in rural areas continued to increase, the growth rate clearly surpassed that of cities, and the proportion of online wholesale of agricultural products across the country continued to increase, which once accounted for 14.14% in the first half of the year. However, in order to maintain a healthy, stable and continuous development of county e-commerce, there are still several misunderstandings:
1. "Electricity" works
There was a one-sided understanding during the development of county-level e-commerce. I always thought that rural e-commerce was launched, and the sales of agricultural products in the county area were suddenly realized and the sales were widened. The development of county-level e-commerce was regarded as a life-saving straw for rural economy. With regard to the recognition of e-commerce, our country regards e-commerce as a new type of business, and this recognition has become a consensus. Just like other formats, no one format can cover everything in the process of economic development, and it is difficult for e-commerce to fully bear the burden of agricultural product sales. E-commerce is just a kind of wrist for county economy development. It is an important content to promote the development of rural economy. It is a way that governments at all levels pay attention to and should encourage development.
China's e-commerce has been in operation for 20 years, and rural areas in China still have poor sales of agricultural products. Which e-commerce platform can handle this problem? In fact, the sales channels of agricultural products are diverse. At present, the form of wholesale markets is still agricultural products. The main sales channel, this kind of sales method from the origin-wholesale market-wholesale market (supermarket) is still the current mainstream. Agricultural products must pass through this route from the ground to the dining table. E-commerce is only one of these channels, not the only one.
2.Only the uplink
As an important aspect of developing rural e-commerce, the rise of agricultural products is not only the focus of governments at all levels, but also the expectations of broad farmers. But the county-level e-commerce should also focus on "going to the countryside with industrial products". It can enable vast farmers to buy the products they want without leaving the village, complete the convenience of farmers' shopping, and narrow the gap between rural and urban areas. A solid step has been taken on the road of urban-rural integration. On the other hand, county e-commerce should also pay attention to the upward movement of non-agricultural products such as clothing, toys, tea sets, shoes, and small commodities. As for "Internet + tourism", there have been many experiences that can be replicated in this regard. Some e-commerce experts once emphasized: "The most important thing for county-level e-commerce is not to help sell a few agricultural products locally. The primary role is to market the central government itself."
3. One-sided training
Many people think that e-commerce is a matter for young people. Therefore, in terms of e-commerce training, it is important to arrange young people who want to work in e-commerce or have just graduated from college to participate in various types of training. In fact, in terms of e-commerce, "electricity" is the wrist, and "commerce" is the purpose. Many young people do have the "electricity" specialty, but they lack the knowledge of agricultural products and know very little about the characteristics of agricultural products. It is very difficult to do so. Strengthening the training of farmers' e-commerce knowledge can often achieve more results with less effort. There are many very good farmers in the countryside who are more familiar with, understand, and be more familiar with how to consume and sell agricultural products. E-commerce is not the patent of young people. Ni Laoshui, Lishui, Zhejiang, began to make chili sauce online when he was 50 years old.
In addition, training of government officials should be enhanced. If government officials do not understand and control the knowledge of e-commerce, it is difficult to have a better top-level design and it is difficult to guide the development of e-commerce in the region.
4. Fighting alone
After all, e-commerce is a "business", and it is understandable for the county to leave this work to the Commerce Bureau. But e-commerce is a system project, not just a commerce bureau. The function of the Commerce Bureau determines its position in the county (city), which is difficult to bear the burden of the top-level design of the county (city) e-commerce. County-level e-commerce also involves the government office, the Ministry of Publicity, the Food and Drug Administration, the Market Surveillance Administration, the Transportation Bureau, and the Agriculture Bureau. As long as the resources of various departments are integrated and the area polarity is mobilized, the county-level e-commerce can only be more effective. Carry out well. If the Bureau of Commerce alone fought alone, county e-commerce could not go far.
5.Focus on hardware
The development of county-level e-commerce requires the joint development of hardware and software, which are indispensable to each other. At present, governments at all levels attach great importance to the work of e-commerce, have discussed "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of E-commerce", and have introduced the "Promotion and Support Methods for Promoting the Development of E-commerce", which have effectively promoted the development of e-commerce in counties in China. However, during the development process, there were also individual phenomena for the image, focusing too much on the establishment of hardware, ignoring the establishment of software, and repeatedly building hardware. In fact, an airport can be used by multiple airlines. This multi-use phenomenon is the integration and application of resources. The development of county e-commerce should create this kind of "airport phenomenon." E-commerce service centers, training centers, incubators, Zhongchuang space, agricultural innovation workshops and other hardware equipment are important, but the development of county-level e-commerce requires software, good government top-level design, and many entrepreneurial personnel. Government-enterprise relations and a strong demand for e-commerce are all indispensable elements for the development of county-level e-commerce.

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