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How SME Brands Hype

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The first step is to prepare a marketing website:
Internet marketing starts from the official website first. The website is a company's external image display and base. The company's development history and product introduction can be fully displayed to customers through the official website. The website is its own, and the contact information is retained wherever you want. After we have a website, we can do search engine optimization and bring traffic to the website through optimization, which will generate considerable revenue.
The second step is to promote soft articles on high-weight platforms, such as setting up official blogs and Weibo:
Friends who have done blog promotion should know that setting up a blog and updating its content will not only be included in the search engine, but also promote the company. Adding an external link to the official website will continue to guide users to the official website for understanding. For Weibo, As long as there is a certain number of fans, its spread cannot be underestimated. In addition, there is also the current vibrato, which can also be a vibrato number belonging to an enterprise. In addition, there are self-media platforms, Zhihuhao, Jianshu and so on. Publishing our articles to these platforms at the same time can help us expose our products and get accurate traffic.
The third step is to write soft text:
According to the nature of your industry, write related soft articles, such as dry goods types, knowledge introduction types, and guide users to follow our website or add WeChat. As long as we publish enough content and have a certain quality, I believe they can bring good results.
The fourth step is to do Baidu's promotion, such as question and answer promotion, library promotion, etc .:
General knowledge-based Q & A sites have high weights and can be ranked well in search engines, such as Zhihu and Baidu Know. As long as you find a question, you can usually see the ranking. Therefore, it is very necessary to do knowledge-based question and answer promotion. You can either promote the website or leave a link to the official website through question and answer to increase the weight of your website.
Of course, there are many ways to do well in brand promotion, such as auction marketing, video marketing, Baidu know marketing, question and answer marketing, library marketing, vibrato marketing, etc. You can make a choice based on your actual situation!

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