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E-commerce and informationization will extend business opportunities and dreams to all parts of the world. If you are interested in cooperation, please leave us a message or contact us in the following ways, we will reply you as soon as possible and provide you with the most sincere service!

    • Address: No. 326 Tiyu South Street, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City
    • Phone: 0311-80668736 / 18032008207
      After-sales service phone: 0311-80668736
    • QQ: 422208027/1515581299
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Youdu Technology will develop a company with a long-term vision, integrity and responsible conduct, and the concept of common growth.

Division career. Harmonious development with the company's related interest community, and to be respected by users, employees, shareholders, partners and society as its own pride and pursuit;

    • Alipay account: Account name: ***
    • Company Name Shijiazhuang Youdu Network Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Bank of Account China Minsheng Bank Shijiazhuang Zhaiying South Street Sub-branch
    • Bank account number 696052547
    • Note: After the remittance is completed (a few more remittances are recommended to distinguish the same amount), please contact our sales staff or financial department in time!
  • 中国建设银行股份有限公司石家庄体育南大街支行
  • 中国工商银行股份有限公司河北省分行营业部胜利支行
  • Bank account: China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Sports South Street Sub-branch

    Account: 6217 0001 3002 1665 301
  • Bank: Shengli Sub-branch, Business Department, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. Hebei Branch

    Account: 6222 0204 0203 4749 521


11 years of professional Internet service experience, Shijiazhuang professional website construction team, website construction leader, more than 30 service industry leaders, both brand communication and Internet technology, Internet design and development capabilities industry-leading.


The requirements for quality are almost harsh. Whenever we are recognized by our customers, our pressure is increased. We have no choice but to surpass ourselves.