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Homepage design
Inner page design
FLASH design
Image processing
Program function
PHP Program Development
div + CSS page layout
Website background management system
domain name
Spatial database

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20-22 working days

About us

Company Profile

Shijiazhuang Youdu Network Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to Internet brand building and network marketing. Its professional fields include: website construction, e-commerce construction and operation, mobile Internet marketing, system platform development, planning and design, IT training, and other website construction and system development companies Different, our integrated solution combines the experience of Internet brand building and the concept of Internet integrated marketing, and closely integrates strategy and execution, and continuously evaluates and optimizes our solutions to provide customers with integrated and comprehensive Internet brand integration. Solution! Building a website is not the purpose. The key is to build a good website to play a role. Youdu has accumulated rich experience in website marketing and provides customers with long-term service mechanisms such as website construction marketing promotion services and user interaction services.

Our customers come from all walks of life. In order to achieve the same goal, we work closely with each other. You need to thank them for their high requirements and the challenges they have brought us from different fields. Let our passionate team have the opportunity to continue to surprise customers with their brains and wisdom.

From PC to mobile terminal, from Internet brand building to WeChat marketing, from creative planning to system platform development, Youdu has accumulated rich experience and has provided complete professionalism for many well-known enterprises, listed companies and large enterprises and institutions service!

With the leading technical capabilities and years of industry experience in the field of website construction and web design, Youdu Network has provided customers with quality services.Since its establishment, it has successfully provided network construction and Solution services, such as Evergrande Group, Hebei Communications Department, Hebei TV Station, State Grid, China Railway Construction, Hebei Safety Supervision Bureau, Jiuyi Village, Sanhe Times Law Firm, etc. With good business reputation, perfect service and deep technical strength, we have won the trust of customers.

Team members with a degree of network have long-term industry work experience, condensing a group of high-quality customer managers and experienced technical staff, attracting a group of outstanding young people in the industry, they come from IT technology and creative arts. Frontier positions, creativity and dedication, are the prerequisite guarantee for a leading network, and our most important asset.

Our growth comes from our customers' trust in us and our love for the industry

We always insist on providing quality services to customers in the Internet field

Satisfying customers is the goal of our work. Continuously exceeding customer expectations comes from our love for this industry.

Youdu Network has clearly positioned the company in the position of a network application service provider. We are determined to provide better technology to customers in an effective and simple way, and provide simpler solutions for your business e-commerce.


joint venture

  • 河北共青团
  • 河北省交通运输厅
  • 河北省高速公路管理局
  • 河北省气象局
  • 中国铁建股份有限公司
  • 恒大集团
  • 三和时代
  • 九易庄宸
Youdu will make unremitting efforts to become customers' trustworthy and valuable long-term partners in the field of information technology.

Building a website is not the purpose, the key is to build a good website to play a role, have a wealth of experience in website marketing, provide customers with long-term service mechanisms such as website construction marketing promotion services and user interaction services.

Our goal is to become the most happy and business value + Internet integrated marketing expert

Our growth comes from our customers' trust in us and our love for the industry

We always insist on providing quality services to customers in the field of website construction



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Our service

our service

Youdu Network will develop the company's cause with a long-term vision, integrity and responsible conduct, and the concept of common growth. Harmonious development with the company's related interest community, and to be respected by users, employees, shareholders, partners and society as its own pride and pursuit;

Dudu network services include: domain name registration | web hosting | cloud server rental | website construction | web production | website design | web design | mobile website | mobile website | Development |
WeChat Mall | WeChat Operations | WeChat Generation Operations | Mini Program Development | Free Website Construction | Website Template Optimization | Website Promotion | Website SEO |
400 Phone | APP Development | Software Development | Graphic Design | VI Design | LOGO Design;

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